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Great History!
Professional. Affordable.

Peace Spa Products Natural Botanic Skincare arrived on the scene in 2011, following a 30 year success story in the skin care industry and evolving through time with the finest and most effective natural, botanic, and high-technology ingredients.  Our chemist are tops in innovation and our prices competitive within the high-end product quality catagory.


Choose Peace Natural Botanics and experience the difference!


-Joan Barcelos, VP

Amazing results...

For years I have been using this product line and my skin keeps getting better! Thank you Peace Spa Products!

-Evelyn K.

I couldn't be more pleased

-Ashley Brownsky

Beauty Efficianatos (Our Customers!)  
Top 8 Catagory RAVES
Cleansers: Glycolic (Foaming), Aloe Milk Wash
Toners:  Peach, Aloe Cucumber
Moisturizers: Sun Flower Red Sea Algae, Green Tea w/SPF30, Multi Vitamin
Night Cremes:  Rejuvenate Sleep Creme, Hydrating Creme Extreme (for daytime too!)
Serums: Peptide Firming, Glycolic Hydrating Serum, Vitamin C Serum 
Anti-Aging Specialty: CoQ10, Ultra Firming, B-Caroteen 
Eye Treatment: Holistic Eye, Triple AntiOxident
Acneic: All Tea Tree Products! 
Media Loves Us!
By far the best!

Boutique skin care lines do not have big budgets to advertise, so the quality, products and services are the voice for our brand. We thank our customer's word of mouth and a few press releases to date, propelling us into major spa-industry magazines and more! 

#1 in Social Responsibility

Peace Journey Productions

sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3


The year 2000 launched our work for the world and for over 14 years we have traveled with students from underserved communities, while teamed up with kids having much more. These travels in the USA and abroad allow children the opportunity to get to know each other and experience  the wider world.  Your purchase helps us make these adventures happen.  You can find a video story and more at

Beauty Industry Knows!



West Coast Features our Story!

Beauty Products Celebs Love?!

In our world, spending thousands to get our product into goodie bags at top awards shows and more just doesn't happen!  But if you know a celebrity or up-and-comer looking for a way to look amazing AND to help the world, it would be our pleasure to sent ample samples and begin a dialogue! We also love doing product placement.  so bring on the film industry!

Thanks in advance.

Our HQ is Tops in Development
#1 in research in new technology and for amazing results!  Found in healthy lifetyle spas and here online! Call if you would like to be carry Peace Spa Products in your spa, healthy lifestyle store or gift shop! Email for information through our Wholesale tab above today!


Some of Our Valued Spa Customers...

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