Product Information:

Benefits: Gentle sulfate-free cleanser cleans deep within pores. A uniquely thin consistency allows this cleanser to slip effortlessly beneath plugged and blocked pores. A patented blend of the most active fractions of Australian and New Zealand Tea Tree oils works quickly to balance hostile flora deep within pores without causing irritation or redness. Cleanse and treat.

Key Ingredients:
Eucalyptus Oil- anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties
Sage Oil- potent anti-oxidant
Tea Tree Oil- effective against the bacteria that causes blemishes
Yucca Extract- cleansing agent, anti-inflammatory benefits

Skin Types: For Acne/Problem Skin Types

Directions: Apply moderate amount of cleansing gel over dry skin. Massage gently as required during treatment (allowing cleanser to remain on clogged areas for two minutes will help dissolve plugs in pores). Lather with warm water. Remove with wet sponges or other preferred method. Proceed with treatment.

Size: 8oz/240ml

Use: Daily- AM & PM

#1140 Tea Tree Cleanser BB 8oz - Whlse



    “This company is simply founded on great products & service.  For over 30 years, they are my only go-to line!  At age 75, people still ask if I am old enough for social security!  I am getting my millenial grand kids hooked too!”

    Mary Wright