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Product Information:

Benefits: A unique non-alcoholic, mild, cooling, refreshing, clarifying and fragrance-free toner containing active plant extracts to gently soothe, pamper and caress your skin. Witch Hazel (Hamamelis), has been used for hundreds of years as a mild astringent and skin conditioner. Kola Nut Extract is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. Chamomile Extract is known universally as a calming, soothing herb. Tones and balances.

Skin Types: For Normal to Oily Skin Types

Directions: After thorough cleansing, apply twice daily to skin with sterile cotton or gauze pads, as part of your daily facial routine. Avoid contact with eyes.

Size: 6oz/180ml

Use: Daily- AM & PM

pH 3.5
2.5% Glycolic Acid

#2030 Glycolic Toner 4oz

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