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Product Information Benefits: A remarkable serum that revives skin influenced by stress and sensitivity. Calms redness and irritability, while diminishing damage created by the sun, rosacea, eczema and other harsh environments. This serum helps clear blemishes and reduce the occurrence of blemishes reappearing. Repairs, revitalizes and heals. Key Ingredients: Beta Glucan- anti-oxidant properties and is a strong anti-inflammatory agent Hyaluronic Acid- most effective humectant available, stimulates cell growth Superoxide Dismulase- potent anti-oxidant Tissue Respiratory Factors- wound healing benefits Skin Types: Normal To Oily Skin Type Directions: Twice daily, apply directly to your clean skin before moisture or other skin treatments. Size: .5oz/15ml Use: AM & PM Daily

#015018 B-Glucan SERUM (LARGE)

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