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Product Information
Formula Revised January 2016 to include higher levels of Vitamin A. (Consistency thicker, color change due to more Vitamin A.  )

Benefits: Loaded with Beta Carotene (New addition: Vitamin A Infused: High Anti-Aging ingredient works by normalising skin functions so it corrects all skin conditions), lines and pores are reduced and skin feels more firm. The Beta Carotene surge is a powerful antioxidant to activate and maintain the skins youth and beauty. Formerly identified as "Anti-Time Serum".

Key Ingredients:
Beta Carotene- firming and brightening antioxidant
AHA/BHA- sloughs off dead skin to brighten and resurface Coneflower- soothing agent
For: All Skin Types

Directions: Highly concentrated serum, only 5 drops are needed morning and night. Smooth on face and allow to penetrate skin.

Size: 1oz/30ml

Use: Daily AM & PM

#20018 B-Caroteen Serum LARGE 1oz

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