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Product Information:  Replacing Hydrating Creme Extream 2020.

Benefits: Contains purified yeast extract which helps defend against visual aging. This moisturizer protects skin from sunlight, pollution and other environmental elements. Protects and soothes.

Key Ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid- most effective humectant available; stimulates new cell growth
Peptides- delays and reduces wrinkle formation
Vitamin A- anti-oxidant and skin cell regulator
Vitamin E- antioxidant superstar
Skin Types: For All Skin Types

Directions: Pat on top of cheek bones, smooth from neck to hairline. Use on any exposed areas of the body. It is quickly absorbed.

Size: 2oz/60ml

Use: Daily- AM & PM

#3020 Multi Vitamin Moisturizer (Replaced Hydrating Cream Extreme) 2oz

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